Computer Science And Engineering

The Department of Computer Science, within the Faculty of Science and Engineering, offers a rigorous approach to Computer Science, building on the foundation of degree-level study and increasing the depth and breadth of topics that are key to 21st century computing.

Each module is framed by both vocational reference (by inviting guest lectures from major organisations) and practical research.

We believe it is crucial that postgraduate students have the skills to research, plan, develop and instigate Computer Science projects as well as the technical skills to understand the complexities of key areas such as those listed below.

Medical Leadership Manage*

Doctors need to do more than just heal, they also need to effectively lead and manage teams. In the modern health environment a proportion of them must lead and manage our complex health service.

This course aims to educate doctors in the principles of leadership and management and is suitable for doctors at all stages of their careers.

The managerial-medical divide remains in the directorate structures of the majority of healthcare institutions. Unlocking the power of the professional bureaucracy, innovation and reduced waste, harm and variation will both make the organisation sustainable now and create a clinical road map for the future-hence the business case for quality.

Dyslexia Research and Practice (MA)

In 2009, ‘Identifying and Teaching Children and Young People with Dyslexia and Literacy Difficulties’ was published and one recommendation was to build capacity within schools and improve access to specialist, high quality support for pupils with dyslexia.

The MA Dyslexia Research and Practice is an advanced degree programme which aims to address this recommendation by offering bespoke training to dyslexia practitioners. The course offers accreditation by the British Dyslexia Association.

Doctor of Public Health (DrPH)

This course reflects the professional doctorate tradition, requiring students to carry out a systematic inquiry which makes an original contribution to knowledge in practice.

It is based on the premise that some issues and problems characterising the public health profession will benefit from the level of academic analysis represented by doctoral studies.

It provides an opportunity for you to focus on developing advanced capabilities and understanding as a public health leader, with a view to making a significant original contribution to public health professional objectives.

Doctor of Education (EdD)

This Professional Doctor of Education (EdD) programme offers you the opportunity to work with active researchers who have international reputations in their field; our particular strengths include critical research practices, creative practices, educational theory and philosophy, and trans-professional policy studies.

You will study as a member of a group of experienced professionals, where collaborative learning and peer support is encouraged.

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